R&D Facility

Budget: $150MM TIC
Scope: Systems Design and Configuration, Installation, Programming, Start-Up, and Continuing Support

ACE provided design and configuration services for a $150MM TIC expansion of an existing R&D facility. The new system consists of a Yokogawa DCS servicing 700 I/O points, ProSafe RS, and two pairs of redundant A-B Contrologix processors. ACE was responsible for all DCS/PLC system design, installation, programming, start-up, and continuing system support. The final system consisted of 7 Field Control Stations, 4 Operator Stations, and 4 PLC racks.

ACE provided design, construction, and configuration services for the Emergency Shut Down (ESD) System, as well as configuration of the DCS including several custom control schemes utilizing sequence tables, PID loops, and custom scripting.

ACE was also tasked with re-configuring portions of the existing control system to take advantage of control schemes developed by the ACE/SEPCO team.